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2015 Prices: Primary Schools

Pupils £4.65

Accompanying Adults (1 to every 6 children) FREE

Additional Adults £6.50

Prices Include

- Entry to the farm, where there are no additional charges

- 1 education session (please see over for choices)

- A bag of animal food for each visitor

Additional Education Sessions £20 (for up to 30 pupils)

Primary Education Sessions

Each session is for up to 30 pupils and will last 20-30min.

All sessions promote Scientific Enquiry (Sc1), encouraging pupils to ask relevant questions, use different senses to make observations, and to draw conclusions.

  • Owls
  • (KS1/2) Our flagship session. Pupils get right up close to our collection of hand-tame owls to see, hear and feel their amazing features. From Queenie’s super-soft feathers to Tommy’s huge dark eyes, this session covers a wide range of topics and provides an unforgettable experience.
    Topics: KS1 Sc2 1b,c,4b,5a,b, KS2 Sc2 1a,c,5b,c. Variation, adaptation, habitats, predators and prey, senses.
  • Hedgehogs
  • (KS1/2) Pupils meet one of our tame resident hogs  and feel for themselves one of nature’s  most extraordinary adaptations. They discuss a hedgehog’s predators and prey, and try to work out why this well-loved animal isn’t doing so well these days.
    Topics: KS1 Sc2 1b,c,5a,c, KS2 Sc2 1a,c,5a,d. Adaptation, food chains, impact of man on nature, conservation.
  • Rare Breeds
  • (KS2) Pupils compare the primitive Soay, Scotland’s feral sheep, to the carefully-bred French Ouessant. After observing and listing characteristics they don masks, and themselves become sheep playing the game of survival. A very basic rundown of natural and artificial selection.
    Topics: KS 2 Sc2 1a,c,5b,c. Evolution/adaptation, habitats, farming, selective breeding.

Have you been studying nocturnal animals? Baby animals? Or maybe reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark? We can organise bespoke sessions based around any relevant topics or learning objectives, just have a chat with us.

Just looking for a day out? You don’t have to book education sessions. We’ll make sure pupils get hands-on with the owls, and otherwise leave you to enjoy the farm.


During term time we can designate an under-cover picnic area for your use, where pupils can also leave their bags while in the farm. The Garden Café is also available for drinks, snacks and meals.

We share toilet facilities with the South Devon Railway: pupils will never be more than 200m from a loo!

Health and Safety

Totnes Rare Breeds has a firm reputation as safe and clean place to visit. Please click here for more information. We can also provide teachers with a risk assessment.

If It Rains

Since most of the farm is uncovered, visitors are advised to bring coats in case of rain. However, there is a covered area available for lunch, and education sessions can be moved inside.