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Have you ever fed a red squirrel? Touched one? At Totnes Rare Breeds they will (literally) throw themselves at you for a peanut.

Polish_ResizedWhat began as a collection of farmyard rare breeds has gradually extended. You won’t find smaller sheep than our Ouessants, or more fantastic chickens. Alongside these, you can also get close to the endangered wildlife of the English countryside, making this much more than just a petting farm. Touch a hedgehog’s prickly spines and learn how they use them, or admire the gripping pads on a red squirrel’s foot.
In our small animals’ corner, you can hold a guinea pig on your lap, feel the smooth skin of our corn snake, and watch the adorable, newly hatched chicks and ducklings.

Arguably our star attraction, Wizard the eagle owl loves to put on a show and his eight feathered friends can be seen up close and stroked as you learn about each of the different species from one of our very knowledgeable volunteers.

Hedgehog_ResizedWhat sets Totnes Rare Breeds apart is the opportunity it offers to be within touching range of all the animals. The majority of pens can be entered, and almost all their inhabitants stroked, patted and cuddled. Take a bag of our special food round to be the centre of attention...especially from our very greedy pygmy goats!

Very much a hands-on experience.