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The Owls


Wizard the Europenan Eagle Owl ('Wizzy') holds a special place in many hearts as the very first owl to arrive at the farm, back in 2003. Visitors are always amazed that he is so big and powerful, and yet so friendly. He really is a softy!

Likes: Steam trains; lots of attention; small roe deer.

Dislikes: Dogs



Queenie arrived in 2004 from the Screech Owl Sanctury at Indian Queens, Cornwall. A rescued owl, Queenie had spent two years kept in a cupboard as a pet. Despite her tragic start, she has gradually come round to trusting people again and is a much happier owl, if a little shy.

Wouldn't be seen dead: With a feather out of place; slouching.

Dislikes: Mori the Wood Owl.

tommy_webTommy the Tawny was christened 'Thomas', because he arrived during the Steam Railway's Thomas the Tank weekend, in May 2004. A friendly, laid back character, as a chick he watched TV from a box in the living room. Later, he surprised everyone by developing the 'tu-wit' call of the female. She was hurridly renamed Thomasina, Tommy for short.

Favourite TV program: Snooker

Hobbies: Tweeting on her twitter page; flirting with local male tawnys.