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Totnes Rare Breeds has long had a reputation for being an exceptionally clean attraction, backed up by inspections from the local environmental health authority. We want our visitors to be aware that safety always comes first, and that visitors also have a part to play in safeguarding their own health and their children's.

There is always the risk, however small, that animals may carry infections such as the well publicised E.coli bacteria. These can potentially be very harmful if they find their way into a child's mouth, nose etc. We therefore stress the importance of visitors abiding by the following guidelines when they visit us:

- Please have a good time and touch the animals (that's what we're here for), but please please make sure hands are washed well before leaving the farm. We have sinks for people of all sizes, with plenty of hot water and soap.

- Parents: make sure children do not put their fingers in their mouths, up their noses etc before they have washed them. Be careful with dummies.

- Please don't eat or smoke in the farm, as both bring hands in close contact with mouths.

Everyone agrees that contact with animals is very beneficial for the education and development of young children (and it's great fun). Let's help to eliminate the downsides.