We Have been Given the Go Ahead to Re-Open!!!

It is with great relief that we have been allowed to open once more to the public. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, there are many measures that we have had to implement.

The Garden Cafe remains closed

Despite takeaways now being allowed in many establishments, we have been asked that all seating be removed from our Cafe Garden to prevent food and drink purchased from the cafe being eaten on site. As a result, we do not feel it is financially viable to open the cafe at all until restrictions are lifted further. We have also been informed that for now our cafe garden is not to be used for picnics and social gatherings. We are very sorry about this, but please respect this decision and do not bring picnics to the farm.

Contactless payment

Farm entry is to be paid for at the kiosk beside the cafe. For the well being of staff and customers, we respectfully ask that you pay by card and contactless wherever possible.

Limiting numbers on the farm

We are not running a pre-booking service. Although we doubt that we shall be lucky enough to get that busy, should we reach the limit of the number of families allowed on the farm at any one time to comply with social distancing, we shall need to ask visitors to queue outside, maintaining social distance. We are not doing advanced booking and so in exceptional circumstances we will be implementing a one family out, one family in policy.

Social distancing in the farm itself

We shall have many signs up asking visitors to please maintain a safe social distance between families, as well as sprayed lines on the ground. We are allowing access into some of our animal pens, but ask that there are only two families at any one time in each pen.

The Owls

We shall still be bringing our wonderful owls down on display during the day but sadly, to maintain social distancing, they cannot be brought forwards to you to be touched. We have a second barrier in place and ask that you remain behind this at a safe social distance from each other. There shall still be someone on hand, or with the owls, to tell you all about them and bring them a little closer for you to meet...at a safe social distance!

The Pets' Corner 

We have been allowed to re-open the Pets' Corner. However we are still not allowed to provide the handling opportunities we thrive on with animals such as our chicks and the Guinea Pigs. We are truly sorry about this, as we know how much you all enjoy this, especially the Guinea Pigs but we look forward to resuming our usual hands on experience as soon as restrictions are lifted further.

And perhaps most importantly...HAND WASHING!!!

At this time, hand washing has never seemed more important! We have hand sanitizer located around the farm which we ask you to make use of. But this is no substitute for washing your hands! It is always important to maintain good hygiene in a farm environment, but please take extra care to keep hands away from faces (especially in the case of children) and WASH YOUR HANDS properly at the wash station on exit.


These restrictions and measures have been put in place for the well being of our staff, volunteers and, of course, our visitors. We ask that you please respect these and social distancing when visiting the Totnes Rare Breeds Farm. We are over the moon to be allowed to open again after such a long period of uncertainty. But we can only remain so with your help and cooperation. We understand that we may not be able to provide the full experience you may be used to, but hope that you will have a wonderful time with us all the same. We are all looking ahead to when restrictions can finally be lifted and the world seems a more 'normal' place once more. In the meantime; stay well, stay safe and we hope to see you all soon!